Finding Autumn Wherever You Are

I’m holding autumn in my heart until that shy girl shows her face. I place my mums in containers, pick pumpkins perfect for a jack o’ lantern, and burn candles with exotic names. And I run my fingers across the rosemary every day for a summer reverie, but when I glance up, I see the crab apples have tumbled to the hard grass, and it’s time for coziness.

Do you think the same way? Sweet October shines her diminishing light on our days and I haul out almost every blanket I stow in the linen closet. Blankets and sweaters are needed, even if the thermometer says no, because we know she’s hiding behind the clouds, just waiting for us. And then we can light the fires, inside (where I cuddle up with my husband or cats and read) and outdoors in the fire pit (where sticky fingers are de rigueur from toasted and burnt marshmallows). Soon, I’ll drag out the not so cuddly blankets to throw across our shivering shoulders at the farm where a campfire burns each night except in hot July and August. But October? Yeah, we drink iced tea or bourbon around that fire. Let me explain…

Before I tell you about the name of this blog, a blog about finding happiness; I need to tell you something very important. I drink one espresso each morning, but then I just have to go to my local coffee place and buy…an iced tea. Even in the depths of cold, dreary winter, I drag my body into the overheated store and buy my beloved tea. Why? Because they know me. They get me. And I in return am rewarded with snippets of their lives. Talk about boyfriends, fiancés, schoolwork, and sometimes they entrust me with secret, almost sacred talk while I wait for my tea. Do you have something to brighten your days? Something you look forward to? Almost a ritual, if you will?

Since autumn has decided to hide for a few days more, I’ll explain the title of this blog to you. This is a summer story, but that temptress, autumn, with her copper hair and brazen vermillion skirts that swirl in cooler breezes isn’t here quite yet, so here’s the story:

I once worked a home decor store and they sold a soap named Lavender and Rosemary, and whenever I wandered by the bath section, I would pick up those beautiful bars and inhale deeply.  This was ages ago, and no one sold anything like it, and I didn’t have the money to buy a simple bar of soap. I still have never found that exact scent that’s tangled in my memory, so I grow rosemary and lavender in container pots on my patio, and I run my fingers through their stems and inhale. It’s a little piece of happiness. I have my favorite scents at my fingertips from April through October. I’m sure you find other combinations beautiful and unique, and I think if you could bottle that scent…be it freshly mown green, lush, beautiful grass or lilacs blooming on a May evening…you would be happy. Bottled happiness! And I think I’m going to stalk online until I find that heady scent of long ago. Let’s find a sliver of happiness to carry us through out tough, grey days. Until next time…









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