Finding Blessings…


I was going to write about November and embracing this month, with the leaves falling, the slant of the sun lowering and evening stars appearing earlier each night. And then I woke up today and baked two big batches of cookies for my husband and my son. They were heading to our cottage, which he calls the farm, though what we are farming other than acres of rolling Kentucky hills, escapes me. And as soon as the last cookie slid onto the cooling rack, our water stopped. Nothing came out of that faucet.

I thought it might last a few hours. Neighbors told me about the water main break close by and so I waited. No shower. Drinking bottled water. And I like my showers. A lot. Squeaky clean means a lot to me. So thirteen hours later, right when I had packed up everything I needed and planned to sleep and shower elsewhere, I had a feeling. A divine appointment?

We had some money waiting to go to charities, and I consider them carefully. Yeah, we have people we give to, but we had extra this month. And while I walked through my day sans water and showering and cleaning, I remembered the people in Puerto Rico who are still without water. I don’t know how they are getting through their crisis. No power? I took cold showers. But no water? Twelve hours without water and I was a grump.

Give right now and your water will come back. Do it.  That voice told me. In my head….

So at midnight, with my bag all packed and my phone charged, I sat down and gave money to two charities that felt right. And then I started out the door but went back for my phone when I heard something. Water gurgling in the pipes?

I went to the shower and a small stream of water ran out. I didn’t know if the water would stay on so I took a cold shower until the stream grew hot and strong. I still washed my hair quickly, just in case. And then I remembered the feeling I had this evening. Give to those who don’t have water. See what it’s like? And you have it so easy! Thirteen hours is nothing!

And I do. I have a great life. Yeah, there’s ongoing bad stuff, but we all have that. But water? No place to live? I gave to a group far away where 37 people share a sink and a toilet. Outside. And they are handicapped. Not in the U.S., but in this world.

When my daughter went there to help out, she called me crying. She had never seen such utter poverty living right next to opulence. And I?

Cried too. I can’t travel there now. Maybe some day. But I can’t imagine it there, because I am blessed. God held up his part of the deal.


And I will give to you…   I got goosebumps. I’m here at home alone. And yeah, I get a little spooked on my own. But you know what? I have sweet, sweet water. Do you ever have those moments? When God talks to you. And you…have a choice.

Listen and follow through…or not.   And someone said it is better to give than to receive…   On this unusually cold November night, God met me. He gave to me. I was a grump without the water. And God still gave…to me.


This card says it all. It’s for my sister. But I just might keep it around to remind me of today. Because I wasn’t very nice at moments. And after the beautiful autumn day I had yesterday. Walking on a path, crunching through the fallen leaves…  Watching the sun light up the trees. I hadn’t seen sunshine this week. Look at the difference….

Are you walking through the grey? The dull days of unending clouds in your life? Do you struggle like I do? And then when I see the beautiful reds, golds, oranges (though red is my favorite), I see leaves that have to be raked up. Chores. Drudge.

Do you have water? Running water, clean and cold when you want it to be sweet and cold? And did you take a hot shower with soap? We are lucky. No, wait! We are blessed.

As you step closer to Thanksgiving, look for the divine appointments. Listen for direction. And follow through.   Let’s think of what we have…what we are thankful for. We have so much…

It took thirteen hours of no water to shake sense back into my head. No. My heart…

I hope you have a sunny day and an evening filled with starlight.  But if you don’t….hang in there…   blessings are coming your way…


Let’s count our blessings. Even if we have just one thing. Oh! I have one other thing. A story.

When I was very sick and in so much pain and about to have major surgery at the Mayo Clinic, and I was 32 with two small children, someone asked me what I was thankful for, and in my haze of sleeplessness, pain, fear and sadness, I grimly replied…

I’m thankful for my eyes. I can see.

Those were very dark days in the middle of summer.

We all have something…to be grateful for.  Find it. Be blessed today, sweet friend.

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