A slice of peace…


How have you been doing with your life? Hanging on just waiting for spring? Do you feel what I’ve been feeling lately? I feel like we’re all anxious, busy, crazy busy at that and not getting much rest these days. No peace and quiet. Because we check our news feed every hour. Or I go on Facebook and see a party I was not invited to. Do you do that? All these postings on social media leave me breathless, sad and forlorn. And…like the world is falling in. Sometimes. Okay, more often than not these days. Is it just me?


I’m worried about you. About all of us. It seems like running underneath all of us is a baseline anxiety, a nervousness. Like, hey? Where are we headed? Is this a good world we’re living in? How do I find peace? Grab contentment?  Some drink, get high, maybe gamble to deal with this life. I used to run until I couldn’t. Yeah. I know. You have your issues too. Bills, health, kids, family and then the big ticket items. Is this world getting better? And it doesn’t always feel like it, does it?


While I post the pics of my bedroom, in my favorite color, a calming blue, hoping it will be a soothing oasis of calm, I wanted to say that I think we all will be touched by sadness. Bad things. They enter our life and we are left trying to deal. With death. Loss of job. Flooding. Fire. Losing your family to drugs. Losing yourself. But we’re going to be okay. Several reasons, and I’ll be quick.


If you can find a place away from things. Away from the hustle of family, bosses, timelines, and life. Go there. Use it. It can be a corner of the house. Mine is actually one chair in my room that you’ll never see because it’s golden green from 1981 and it’s so comfortable that when I can’t sleep, I go there. It’s comfort and rest and peace. For me. So you need to find yours. That corner of a room that’s yours. Put your drink there. A soft blanket.


This world needs softness. If you read an inspirational book, put that there too. They say keeping away from our computers and phones helps us to sleep, and boy do we need sleep. Rest. We award ourselves for being busy, and you know what? We’re not in a competition. It feels like we are, but step out of the race for a while. Rest. Catch up on your sleep, if you can. You parents of small children, your time will come. Not now, but you still can have the baby sleep and you go to that place away from everything. Let your little ones draw quietly. I used to impose one hour of quiet time a day. We all should have an hour to be quiet. Every day.


And while I know a good night’s sleep or a nap or an hour of rest isn’t going to change the world, it will change your perspective and how you feel. And that’s been on my mind. Do you take time out? Please try. I feel the anxiety of the world that seems to run underneath us, and it doesn’t feel like it’s going away, so find your spot. And…

Find some inspiration. Mine? I do have a book I go to for peace, strength and calm. You might feel happy discovering a book of inspiration to read for a bit. Not the steamy romance novels! They aren’t real life and won’t help us. (Okay, maybe it will for some.) But take time out today. Right now. To be you. At rest. Calm. And no peeking at the news on your phone. It can wait. Your boss might need you right now, but when you get home, please take a time out. I always thought grown ups needed time outs more than children.



Find some peace and quiet. We all need a break, don’t we? I hope you find a measure of happiness tonight. Today. Whenever you read this.

Until next time…



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