Hi and welcome… I’m Deanna and I adore rosemary and lavender (it makes me very happy). I make sachets out of the herbs to scent my home through winter, and as soon as the earth warms up a bit, I’m planting lavender and rosemary side by side once again.

I like thunder and stormy nights, reading in bed until long past midnight, freshly cut green grass. I love sleeping with windows open to possibilities, looking for beauty in the everyday, in the mundane. Beauty is there, if only we’ll look for it…



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  1. Herbs 🪴 remind me of my mother! She was in the herb society, Thyme for Herbs. She made the most delicious rosemary orange muffins! She passed away 6 months ago, following my dad 2.5 years later, after 61.5 years of marriage! Deanna, are you the lovely writer everyone is missing on Quora? I wouldn’t blame you. It can get vicious. Beautiful blog!

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