Sweet September Surrender…


I woke in time to witness the dawn, with the swirls of mist snaking through the low places on our land. The verdant green of the trees and swaying grasses play tricks on my mind, and I believe summer might last forever. On a lazy September weekend anything feels possible, so I pretend for a while that the sun beating down on our cabin/farmhouse (take your pick) is as strong as June sunlight, but I’m fooling myself. It’s time to wake up from daydreams and wishes and look this month straight in the eye.


Give in to this beautiful month of what is technically still summer. Autumn will arrive, and then we can find our blankets and socks. But now is a wonderful time to hike without the scorching heat of summer swallowing you (hopefully). Take a bike ride or linger for a morning outside, drinking in the quiet, since many birds have left for their southern nesting grounds. I have a friend who naps on a cot on her back porch. Doesn’t that sound wonderfully indulgent?


Do you see the school busses rambling around the roads, collecting children and think about the start of a new year? Does your heart catch for a minute, thinking you missed the bus? Only to realize those days live in another time and place?  This feels like the right time to begin anew. And we can, you and I. We can take stock of where we are, how far we’ve come since those rosy January resolutions, and adjust. Maybe you need to rest on a porch in the afternoon sun, with a blanket and book by your side, but only if you open your eyes long enough to see them. Maybe you need to work on that project you so wanted finished by the end of spring. Do it! Get it done! Time’s almost up…


See that tree above? The oak? That is my favorite tree in the world. The new sun, slanting more each day, runs her fingers through the leaves, and I hope for plenty of acorns for the fawns and their mothers this fall. I have many favorite trees, just like all my kids are my favorites. I think it’s good to love something so much that you enjoy life that much more. Find your favorites, especially going into the turn of the year. Take time to love this time in your life. The hard times and the good… Give in to it. Accept. Surrender.


We have so much to learn, and if we only had good times, then we’d never learn how to find the beauty in the middle of a cubicle on a Monday morning. Right now there is so much beauty everywhere you turn your head. The farmer’s market, and the grocery stores both hold new tomatoes, zucchini and yes, mini pumpkins. Grab one for your apartment and celebrate. Hold this time close to you. Go about your work, but open the door and marvel at the sunset. I do that so many nights, saying good-bye to this day before welcoming the next.


Surrender to September. That beautiful month of transition. And enjoy this day.


Our pool closes this weekend and I want to take a dip before the preschoolers stake their claim. Early morning might be best. So while I take one last summer swim, why don’t you say bye to your summer in your way and enjoy it?  Take time away from studying, working, cleaning and whatnot, and enjoy the beauty of a September sun. Be happy. Find beauty. Until next time…


(My dream home just north of Seattle.) Hey, a girl’s gotta dream!

Choose happiness…


I found this sign the other day and absolutely had to have it. This is my mantra, my hope for you, and what I strive to be even when I’m doing laundry or having a sick day. This sign is by my laundry basket that always seems to magically fill every day. I always suspected my kids wore an outfit for two hours or two minutes, changed, and put the (still clean, really) clothes in this basket and blithely moved on, while I had the washer going all day. Though when I saw my daughter spraying Febreeze on her shin guards and her shins, after a soccer game, I decided to stay mum on the loads of laundry I labored under.


Then I decided to be happy in my pretty room. The girly, no guys allowed room. It’s my oasis of peace and calm and I read and sing in there and thoroughly enjoy the pink. But happiness is easy when we’re in our happy place, our space, our peaceful refuge. That’s too easy, and doesn’t work for very long, because we have to, ahem, work.


Can I be happy while I’m editing my book, searching for the right words and not using be verbs all the time? Yes! That’s the window under which I write (see, I didn’t end that with a preposition).  Every paragraph is work, and it’s about a dark subject, but I’m still happy, or try to be, while I edit every page. We all have to work, so why not be happy while we do our work? Mainly happy, maybe? Nah, let’s go for really happy.


Can I be happy walking by the cow picture my husband really likes, and me, not so much? Absolutely, because other people’s happiness brings a smile to us, especially if we don’t feel like happiness is a competition.



When my world is tilted and my view is limited, I’m still lucky and blessed. Do I see it that way? Do I choose happiness during another migraine? I’m learning to. Going to watch my daughter play Varsity basketball while I had a migraine, and seeing her sit the bench for the first quarter taught me a lot. She learned to cheer and be positive for others, and I learned to wait, be patient, cheer (quietly, ah my head!) and choose happiness. Even if she didn’t score. Even if she cried. Happiness. Claim it. Own it.

I found the perfect place for this pretty little sign that cost me a song. A place where my family might see it, and I will, every…single…day.


Find a way to remind yourself to look on the bright side. Be happy. Choose it. Start now. Have a beautiful week. Until next time…